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  • DD LARGE LE Dream Duffel Large Limited Edition

DD LARGE LE Dream Duffel Large Limited Edition


Are you looking for the ULTIMATE dance bag for dance competitions? You’ve found it! The Dancer’s Dream Duffel. Our rolling dance bag is an essential addition to any dance competition — with everything from a Patent Pending one-touch telescoping costume rack, garment bag and accessory box, to a folding stool! You get smart, convenient storage and a handy competition garment rack all in one.

You can’t beat this sturdy rolling luggage with pop-out wardrobe for:

Traveling to and from competitions with ease

  • (even when flying to Nationals)
  • Protecting the appearance of costumes and accessories
  • Ensuring comfortable, stress-free wardrobe changes during shows
  • Keeping dance gear ready and organized at home
  • Avoiding the heartbreak of forgotten items
  • Providing an insulated place for a sandwich or snack
  • Holds approximately 10 Costumes

The Large Dream Duffel Bag Includes: 
* 1 Large Dream Duffel on wheels (17" x 17" x 26")
* One Touch Telescoping Garment Rack **New Rack height 52"* Insulated Snack Pocket* 2 Blank patches for personalizing your bag.


This is the Bag only, no accessories are included.